I can't login using my Google Apps for Work credentials

Your Google Apps domain account may not be provisioned to allow you to login to third party web sites using company account. Please consult your Google Apps domain administrator

If you are Google Apps domain administrator, please configure your account using following steps:

1) If you have admin access to Google Apps (you are administrator of Google Apps account for your company). You can go into http://admin.google.com

2) Select Marketplace Apps icon

3) Select AceRoute icon from the list

4) The data access should be Granted

  • You make re-evoke access and re-grant access just to make sure

5) The access may say On for everyone or Off

  • Change it to Off
  • Then switch it back to On for everyone

6) Now launch AceRoute from Google top menu

  • Google will show a pop-up Security alert
  • Please Accept 





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