Setup Account

You can setup your company name, home location country (helps in geo-coding), the type of Industry and number of employees.

  • Business Name: Shows the name of your company. 
  • Home Country: Country where the business is set up
    • Our Geocoding engine uses your home country to accurately geocode street addresses
  • Industry:  Select the portfolio of the company from the drop down. 
  • Employees: Designates the number of employees in the company.
  • Working Hours and Days: Define your default/normal business days/hours. These will be applied to your workers. You can always override these for each worker if they happen to work during other shifts
    • Schedule & Route Optimizer, BestFit Scheduler, and Exceptions Finder utilizes your normal working hours for better planning and finding exceptions

1) Click on Tools gear icon on top right corner

2) Select Account console from the left navigation


Configuration of Mobile GPS tracking

Denotes the time range in minutes when the mobile device will send GPS coordinates of the worker.  For example: 15 minute value will send the location of the worker every 15 mins.

Optimization Configuration 

Traffic Bias: Increasing traffic bias numeric value will similate traffic congestion and hence increase travel time between locations. Vice versa is also true

Start Early Mins: Optimization engine may plan the order to start early instead of promised-time if better plan exists

Start Late Mins: Optimization engine may plan the order to start late instead of promised-time if better plan exists

Overtime Mins: Optimization engine may plan the order beyond worker's regular shift hours if better plan exists.



SMS Configuration

You can setup the SMS notification services which will inform the customer about the activity and timings of the worker.


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