Setup Workers & Mobile Access

Workers are field resources who will be assigned order/job and may access mobile app.

  • Your account must have at least one worker to do planning



1) Select Worker console from left navigation under Tools

2) Click Add Worker button

  • Workers Details tab
    • Name of the worker
    • Location: Select the location this worker is associated with. The location can be an office, warehouse, worker's home or a virtual site from where your worker starts his/her day
    • Tag Color: Assign a color code to the worker. This will help you visually  distinguish them on map and calendar. The default color for all workers is yellow
    • Assigned Customer Category: You may assign specific Customer Category(s) to your worker. This will provide a manageable list of customers on worker's mobile app rather than showing all customers in your database.
    • You may also add details other details like hourly wage, email, phone, or worker id number

  • Mobile Setup tab
    • Worker will need information on this tab to log into the AceRoute mobile app. Google Apps for Work or Gmail credentials will not work on AceRoute mobile app
      • Account Name (you may not change this)
      • Worker ID (auto generated once you save Worker record first time)
      • Passcode (you can specify passcode using any alphanumeric or special characters)
    • Mobile app is not available in Gratis edition


  • Work Hours tab
    • You may either use your company’s default working hours as defined in Account or you may enter specific working hours respective to each worker
    • For example: If worker is off on Sunday then you may define both start and end shift time as 12:00 AM (same time)
    • Schedule & Route Optimizer, BestFit Scheduler, and Exceptions Finder utilizes worker's hours for better planning and finding exceptions

  • Vacation tab
    • You may add vacation for a single day or for a range of days
    • The date format is YYYY/MM/DD
    • To add a vacation date range, select the date range from start/end calendar drop-downs and click on Add Vacation
    • You may also delete vacations by clicking Delete button. It is recommended to occasionally cleanup your records for past vacation times



Edit & Delete 

1) Select Worker console from left navigation under Tools

2) Click Edit or Delete button

  • Be careful before you delete Worker. Each Order is assigned to one or more Workers. If a worker is deleted, then all the orders assigned to this worker may become unassigned 


CSV Import 

You may import Worker from CSV file. Please refer to Data Import section of our tutorial



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