Mobile Access & Setup

AceRoute Mobile Dispatch is a companion mobile app for your field workers. You must be setup on our web application before you access mobile app.

Your field workers need following three data parameters to log into mobile app:

  • Account Name
  • Worker ID
  • Passcode

Setup Mobile Access for Workers

1) Log in to AceRoute web app and click the Tools gear icon to the top right corner

2) Select Edition console from left navigation menu and make sure your selected edition is Standard or Business. Gratis edition does not support mobile access.

3) Select Worker console from left navigation

4) Select worker from the list by clicking on Edit button

  • If no worker is available, you may add worker by clicking on Add Worker button. Please refer to Setup Worker & Mobile Access section of our tutorial.

5) Select Mobile Setup tab to to configure mobile access of the selected worker

  • Mobile Setup tab
    • Worker will need information on this tab to log into the AceRoute mobile app. Google Apps for Work or Gmail credentials will not work on AceRoute mobile app
      • Account Name (you may not change this)
      • Worker ID (auto generated once you save Worker record first time)
      • Passcode (you can specify passcode using any alphanumeric or special characters)


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