Find Field Exceptions

Maximize productivity by enabling dispatchers to actually solve schedule problems rather than spending time to look for them. Exception Finder proactively reviews plan and provides a list that does not meet resource constraints or customer needs.


  • Field Exceptions occur if the field technician is unable to complete and hence the status is anything except Confirmed, Scheduled,Unscheduled, Started, En-route, Completed, Invoice Closed.
  • You can find Exceptions on  Find Page.
      • Go to Find Page and Select Field Exceptions from the filter drop down. You can also check the number of Field Exceptions from this page too.

Find the details why the exception occurred on the page



  •  You can Edit, Delete the Order line or Best Fit Schedule the order.
  • Click on BestFit to Optimize the order.The page will be redirected to Schedule Screen. 
  • Validate the information and Click on Get Optimal Schedule to optimize the order(Refer toSchedule Console: BestFit Scheduling article for further Details.)


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