How to use Filters

Find anything from the huge list thru the smart filter.Save time from scrolling down and checking the entire long list. 

  • You can filter out the data based on various criteria.
    • Click on the icon next to any column on which you want to put a filter and navigate to Filter.
    • Select the Filter condition from the drop down and enter the values.
      • Is equal to: The filter will check the exact entered value with that in the list.
      • Is not equal to: Checks all the values in the list that is not equal to the entered value.
      • Starts with: Checks all those values which starts with the entered value.
      • Contains: Checks if the entered value lies anywhere in list.
      • Does not contain: Excludes all those results where the entered value lies somewhere in the list.
      • Ends with: Displays all those results from the list where the value ends with the value entered.
    • Click on Filter to get the results.


  • Here the Filter is put on Name Column. 
  • The filter condition checks all the names in the list and filters out all those Names which contains Way.
  • You can put one more additional conditional with the Logical Operator like AND and OR to enhance the search condition.


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