How to create Recurring Orders

Create multiple recurring orders for a customer all at once. Set the frequency and duration for the orders to be generated.


  • Setup recurring Order pattern for Customers
  • Define the group and setup the Repeat Pattern.
  • You can set it up for a new order or add the recurrence to current order in the system.

How to create Recurrence Pattern for a new Order:

  1. Navigate to Plan Page.
  2. Create a new Order. (Please refer to Plan Console: Create & View Orders within Plan, Schedule, Optimize section for the tutorial)
  3. Complete all the Required Fields.
  4. Click on the Recurrence Pattern Section.
  5. Name the Group
  6. Select Repeat Pattern from the Drop down.
  7. Enter the frequency when recurrence will end.

Different types of Recurrence Patterns are

  • Everyday: Creates a Repeated Order everyday.


    • Every weekday/Weekend: creates similar order for weekdays/weekends and the pattern will end after the value set in recurrence repeats column.
    • Every X Days: Set up a pattern for the orders. X-> set the number of re-occurrences till the order needs to be repeated and after how many days the new order has to be created. 

    •  Every X Weeks: Repeat the order frequency after every certain number of weeks.
    • Last Day of Each Month: Creates repeated orders for the last day of each month.
    • Specific Days of Each Week: Hand Pick the days of the week when you want to create repeated orders.


    • Specific Dates of each Month: Create repeated orders for certain dates of each months.
    • Specific Days and weeks of Month: select certain days and certain weeks of month to create the orders.


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