Setup Office Locations

The location can be an office, warehouse, worker's home or a virtual site from where your workers start their day.

  • Location setup enables you to accurately see your customer orders with respect to your locations on map. It will help you to find "closest" worker, as well as aids Route & Schedule Optimization.
  • Your new account already has sample Location created for you (AceRoute HQ). Please update it with your location or delete
  • Your account must have at least one office location


1) Click on Tools gear icon on top right corner

2) Select Account console from the left navigation



  • You may add a new location by clicking on Add Location button. You should always validate the accuracy of GPS when you add or edit location.   

  • You can override the location Geocode by dragging the blue marker



  • You may update any existing location by clicking the Edit button.



  • Click on Delete button to delete location
  • Be careful before you delete location. Each Worker is assigned to one of these locations. If a location is deleted that has Worker assigned, then Worker may automatically get assigned to an alternate location


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