How do run a report for my business operation?

You may generate a report on any of the following data types:

  • GPS Job Audit report
    • Improve job punctuality, customer service and accurate billing. GPS tracking engine creates connection between planned time, actual time, geo-locations of worker by providing "When" & "Where"
    • This report is generated from data collected from mobile. The mobile app records timestamp and location where and when user changes status of Order
    • Not available in Gratis edition
  • GPS Timecard report
    • One-click time card on mobile eliminates time card errors and validates the worker’s location at clock-in and clock-out time. When the GPS stamped "when" & "where" is correct, you spend less time and effort approving timecards
    • This report is generated from data collected from mobile. Your field worker can clock-in or clock-out irrespective of the job they are working on. The mobile app records timestamp and location where and when user clicked.
    • This report will also calculate total hours worked between various clock-in/clock-out
    • Not available in Gratis edition
  • Invoice report
    • Invoice will be generated for all orders within the selected time range
    • One Invoice be generated for each individual Order
    • This report will also include Parts & Services delivered for each job and will compute pricing based on your rate configurations (as defined in Part & Service Category)
  • Order report
    • Order list can be generated for either single day or range of days
    • You may share this report with your field workers - Daily Route Sheet
  • Parts Usage report
    • This report provides an overview of all parts used across all Orders. You may use this report to reconcile your inventory levels


1) Log in to AceRoute and click the Tools gear icon to the top right corner

2) Select Reports console from left navigation menu

3) Select report-type from drop-down selector for any type of data that you would like to generate

4) Select Time Range (one or multiple days)

5) Click Run Report button

  • This may take few seconds to run the report. Once report is generated, your browser will ask you to save spreadsheet on your hard drive. You can open the file and view report in XLS format


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