Customers, Contacts, Locations, Orders - what does it all mean? Before you start scheduling & optimizing your plan, it is important to understand how AceRoute manages your data.

  • Customer is a core parent record within AceRoute. None of the other records can exist without a customer record

  • Each Customer must have at least one Location

  • Each Customer may have one or more Contact and Order

  • Order can be planned, scheduled and optimized

  • Order cannot be created without it's parent customer


AceRoute Data Structure

  • Customer
    • Location (at least one location is required)
    • Contact (at least one contact is recommended)
    • Order
      • Service
      • Part
      • Audio File
      • Picture File
      • Signature File


What is an Order?

Different industries have different nomenclature and may have different breadth of the scope but AceRoute uses Work Order (Order for short) and Job interchangeably. 

Order = Job = Ticket = Visit = Stop


Unscheduled Order

  • These orders are unplanned or in waiting list. You may not have assigned them to any worker or specified specific date/time
  • You may view these orders in Find or Schedule console. These orders can be planned from these console individually
  • You may also plan these order in bulk from Optimize console




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