Create Order

Order can be created in one of the following ways:

  • From Customer console
  • From Plan console
  • From Schedule console 
  • Bulk import from CSV file (Import console)


Customer Console: Create unscheduled order

  1. Click on Tools gear icon on top right corner.

  2. Select Customer console from the left navigation.

  3. Click Add Customer button.
  4. Complete the details.
  • Customer Name
  •         Required field
    • Street Address
      • Required field
      • Click on Validate Location button to verify accuracy of geocoding of you entered address. You should always validate the accuracy of GPS when you add or edit location. You can override the location Geocode by dragging the blue marker
    • Contact Name, Phone Fields
      • Optional but recommended fields. Contact Name and Phone fields are used by mobile app for direct-dialing customer with single click. It may also be used for SMS/IVR notifications.
    • Save+Unscheduled
      • Save the customer and create an unscheduled order simultaneously.
      • This will not only create new customer but also create an order for this customer. 
        • You can find this unscheduled order under the Find console 




Plan Console: Create order

Please refer to Plan Console: Create & View Orders within Plan, Schedule, Optimize section of our tutorial


Schedule Console: Create order

Please refer to BestFit Scheduler within Plan, Schedule, Optimize section of our tutorial


Bulk import from CSV file

You have two options when importing customers from CSV file (Import console)

  • Create Order for Existing Customer
    • Use Order for an existing Customer option and OrderForAnExistingCustomer.csv template
    • This will create order for each row entry in the csv file
  • Create Customer and Order
    • Use Customer+Order option and CustomerAndOrder.csv template
    • This will create customer and an order for each row entry in the csv file
    • You may create an unscheduled or scheduled order depending on parameters passed. Please refer to Readme file when you download CSV import templates

Please refer to Data Import & Integration section of our tutorial for details




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