Plan Console: Smart Planning Calendar

Unique metrics-driven Smart Planner couples drag & drop calendar, gantt-chart and map with decision support analytical engine to proactively surface work efficiency and exceptions



Smart Planner consists of three major components which work in tandem:

  • Calendar
  • Map
  • Analytics



 Create or view orders for any date using the calendar icon on the top.

  • The grid view of Calendar includes the following.             
    • Today: Shows all the orders for current date
    • < >: Increase the date by 1. 
    • Calendar Icon: Select any date from the calendar.
    • +7 Days: Shows all the orders for next 7 days.
    • List:  Displays the orders in a list view for each worker.

  •  You can change the  view of the page. Click on the view on left down corner
    •  Group by  Date/Group By worker: Switch the view to be either grouped by worker or date
    •  Show full day/Show work Day: Analyse the order information either  for full day or only for working hours of workers( defined in worker section)
    • Print the whole gantt chart view with all the order details assigned to respective worker.

    Using Grid View:

  • Click on an order and it gets displayed on the map.
  • Double click on an empty time slot to create a new order.
  • Double click on an existing order to view/edit the details
  • You can drag the order and change the worker assigned to the order. 
  • Increase/Decrease the order time by simply stretching the order window vertically up or down.
  • Hover over the middle of the Order until to get the Stretch icon   Hold and drag up or down in order to increase/decrease the order duration.




Find the exact location with details for any order on the map just by clicking the order.

The Details of Map view are as follows:

  1. Reset:Reset all the changes made on the Map
  2. Hide: Hide the Map completely. 
  3. +/-: Zoom in or Zoom out to get a more detailed view.
  4. Filter: Filter out the orders you want to see on the map. By default, the map doesn't show any closed order.


Key Features of Map View:

  • Locate all your workers on the map via the color coding. Each worker is assigned a color code which helps in determining the location of each worker on the map.
  • Hover over the balloon icon to get the information related to that order. Get the date, time and worker name for that order.
  • Analyse the complete information of that order. Click on the order on the map and verify the Worker name,Date-Time, Status ( scheduled, En-route etc.), Name of the order, Customer and location of the order.
  • Get the directions to the destination from the workers' home address just by clicking the order  on the map and directions.
  • You can Edit the order details from the map itself. Click on the order and select the Edit button. 

  •  The Map and the calendar view are in complete sync. Change the date in calendar and Map changes automatically and displays orders for that date.

Right click the balloon icon on the map  and check the street view of the location. 




The most important factor in terms of business's perspective is the efficiency of its employees. The Analytics can help manage your business in a more efficient or optimize way. Here are some of the tools: 

  • Efficiency: Tells you how efficient the system is being utilized. Defined as number of hours used by the employees with respect to total number of hours available. There can be situations where the travel time is very large due to far distance or heavy traffic.
    • You can Change the worker-order combination to check the improvement in the efficiency.
  • Travel Hours: Defines the total number of hours a worker has spend on travelling from one job location to another. 
  • Slack hours: The hours in which a customer is not doing any job. The time between the completion of first job and starting of the second one.
  • Exceptions: Filter out any exceptions in the system. Exceptions occurs when an order is placed between a workers's vacation. 




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