Plan Console: Create, Edit & View Order

 Create /Modify an order with flexibility. 

  • Create order for existing customer & location
  • Create order for existing customer but new location
  • Create order for new customer & location.

How to create a New order from Plan Screen.

    1. Go to Plan Console. Change the Grid view as per suitability.
    2. Select the Date from the calendar icon.
    3. Double Click on any time slot.
    4. Complete the Details in required fields.
      • Order Name(required): Enter the order information.
      • Description,Category,Priority
      • Status: Set the Status of the order as applicable.
        • Scheduled: Defines that Order is planned and has specific date/time assigned.
        • Unscheduled: Order is unplanned yet and does not have any specific date/time.
        • Confirmed:The Order has been created and confirmed by the customer.
        • En-Route: The worker has already left for the Order and is in on its way.
        • Started: The job has already been started by the field worker.
        • Completed: The order is completed by the field worker.
        • Cancelled: Order is cancelled by the customer or the field worker.
        • Follow-up: Order may or may not have been completed yet. Need to contact customer to discuss further action.
        • No Show: Field worker was at job location at specified time but was unable to complete job due to customer unavailability
        • Rescheduled: Customer is requesting to change job date/time
        • Tentative:Order is scheduled but customer has not confirmed yet or need to contact customer to re-confirm.
        • Invoice Pending: Need to invoice customer for completed order
        • Invoice Submitted: Invoice for order has been submitted to customer and is pending payment
        • Invoice Past-Due: The Invoice date of the order has gone in past and is still due.
        • Invoice Followup: Need to follow-up with customer for pending invoice.
        • Invoice Closed: Invoice is paid by the customer and account has been settled.
      • Start Date and Time: Automatically populates as the date and time you have chosen for the order from the gantt view. You can also Edit the time and date from here too. 
      • Assigned Worker: If you are have the view set as "Group by Workers" then while creating an order for a particular time slot and for one Worker, the Assigned worker will automatically set the Worker. You can also include additional worker for that order.Enter the name of the new worker or select it from the drop down by clicking anywhere in the worker row.
      • Customer: Select the customer from the drop down or you can add a new Customer too.
      • You can enter the initials of the customer and smart help will give you all the possible options.
        • Name: Select or Enter a new Customer Name.
        • Location: Select or Enter a new Customer Location and click on Validate Location.
        • Contact: Create a new contact or select from existing ones.
        • Alert: Create an Alert for the Order. If an alert has been raised for an order, the color coding of that particular order will be changed to Red in the map view.
        • PO: Record the PO details for that particular order.
        • Invoice: Generate and put the Invoice information pertaining to the order.
      • Notes: Put additional notes for the order.
      • Services: Add the Services needed for the job.
      • Parts: Enter the details of parts needed to complete the order.
      • Field Audio/Field Pictures/Field Signatures: The Worker at the job location can add audio or video from the location from his/her mobile device. It cannot be added via Web application.
        • Description of the situation.
        • Proximity: how far from the actual job location the data has been entered.
        • Time: what time the data has been entered. 
      • Promise Time: You can set an ETA of Time range or Date range when the customer wants the orders to be finished. Optimization engine will find & schedule best time-slot between promise time window based on lowest cost, proximity and worker availability.
      • Recurrence Pattern: Group similar kinds of orders under one and Set up a recurrence pattern for the same. Choose the recurrence pattern from the drop down. The description of each pattern is as follows:
        • Everyday: Creates an Order everyday.
        • Every weekday: creates similar order for weekdays
        • Every Weekend: Creates orders only for Weekends
        • Every X Days: Set up a pattern for the orders. X-> set the number of re-occurrences till the order needs to be repeated and after how many days the new order has to be created. 
      • Chronological Status Log: Keeps a track of all the changes made in the order. Logs the change description and user the who made the change.
    5. Hit Save to complete the process.
    6. Validate your Order on the Grid View.

Edit/Delete the Order:

  • Drag and Drop  the order to change the time slot.
  • Edit the existing order by double Clicking the order.
  • Delete the Order  by clicking the button on the Grid.
  • Extend the order duration by stretching the order vertically. 
  • Verify all the orders for week/by individual Workers by changing the view from top right corner.




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