Schedule Console: BestFit Scheduling

Plan last-minute orders or quickly create/find optimal appointment time for your customers, without ever placing them on hold. BestFit Scheduler analyzes your current optimized plan and recommends list of optimal time slots while balancing multiple constraints.


  1. Navigate to Schedule screen from home page.
  2. Complete the Information.
    • Order Name: Enter the Order details.
    • Date range and Duration: Select the desired date range for the order.
    • Customer: Select a customer from the system or create a new one on the fly.
    • Location: Select the location or setup a new one and validate the location.
    • Contact. Enter the contact information for the customer or fetch from the system.

  •  You can select an Order from the list of Unscheduled orders and Optimize them.
  • You can Clear the data by clicking the home button. 


 3. Click on Get Optimal Schedule.

  • Select the Best Optimal solution from the list.
  • Once the Optimal Solution is selected, the Edit order will pop up. 
  • Complete the details and Save the Order.




What is Travel Cost and Slack Cost:

Travel cost (in mins) is the time which the the field worker will take travelling from previous work location to the new destination. Less the Travel cost, better will be the efficiency of the worker.

Slack Cost(in mins) defines the unproductive or free time a worker has in between two jobs. For example if a worker has finished his previous job at 3 PM and the next job starts at 5 PM and it will only take him 1 hour to go from the current job location to new location, then the slack cost will be 1 hour(60 mins) in this case.




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