Find Plan Exceptions

Maximize productivity by enabling dispatchers to actually solve schedule problems rather than spending time to look for them. Exception Finder proactively reviews plan and provides a list that does not meet resource constraints or customer needs.

  • Plan Exceptions can occur if any job dont meet workers timing. Either it is outside the working hours of the Worker or the Worker is on Vacation.
  • You can find Exceptions on Plan Page or Find Page.
    • Look at any exception on Plan Page itself.
      • Click on Plan Page and on left bottom corner, you can see if there is any exception.

    • Find Plan Exceptions on Find Page
      • Go to Find Page and Select  Plan Exception from the filter drop down. You can also check the number of Plan Exceptions from this page too.
      • Find the details why the exception occurred on the page.

    •  You can Edit, Delete the Order line or Best Fit Schedule the order.
    • Click on BestFit to Optimize the order.The page will be redirected to Schedule Screen. 
    • Validate the information and Click on Get Optimal Schedule to optimize the order(Refer to Schedule Console: BestFit Scheduling article for further Details.)




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