What is DashBoard and how to use it

View all your current day's activity on one single page. Analyse the number of closed/Late or Open orders in the system. Check the location of workers on the map and a consolidated list of clock In and clock Out time of each Worker and their proximity to the order location.


  • Closed: The meter Icon defines the number of closed orders present in the system on that particular day. Click on the icon to get the details of those orders. You can BestFit Optimize the Order as per need from that page itself.Send En-Route or Late SMS to the customer.

  • Open: Find all the open orders present in the System. Evaluate the details of those orders and you can optimize it if necessary.Send En-Route or Late information to the customer via SMS.


  •  Late:  Look at the total late orders in the system for the day. BestFit schedule those orders in order to get Optimized  worker and time for completion of the order.


  • Clockin: Verify the number of workers who have clocked In. Click on the Meter Icon to get the details.You can also find the GPS location from where they have clocked In or clocked Out.




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